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Web Site Redesign

Web Site Redesign that will increase your professional look

Many of you should consider upgrading your website, Why ? Because technology had change a lot since then. Layout colors , Layout structure, Seo, Content Management System ( CMS ) are features that can be improve and really help to increase your online business. To be in business as you know , it's always to be first or try so when you look at your competitor website and you feel that your site is under look because of the look and feel it may be a time to sit down and discuss on "how we can help". Trends of today's websites are design in a way that visually it is easily readable on any smaller devices. We call this process "Responsive Web Design".


Is a Responsive Web Design really worth it ?

The answer is definitely "YES" , why ? First , the market trends of mobile use as you may know are exploding. That means more and more people will surf the web through their mobile devices and if your web site does not look great on their little devices than you 'll be opt out in no time ! Secondly, Google encourage also website owners to get a responsive design as they will ( based on rumors ) give more points on the search results for website that are responsive versus those who are not. I really think those reasons really worth the change, imagine most of us change cars in about 5 years on average because new is faster , more efficient, more reliable etc... but the same is applicable for your website. Take action now and call us today at 506-800-0089 !

Responsive Mobile Websites

Responsive Website Design that will meet your business expectations.

Whether it is only for a web presence, an e-commerce online site or a custom built business web site, we can help you. We create professional look and feel that can greatly increase your revenues. We have the skills to delivers all the ideas on paper through web technologies. Be the first to step into the new web technology trend by getting a Drupal responsive website that will deliver a great experience on any mobiles !

State of the art  technology with a Mobile Website

We use the latest technology in web such as HTML5CSS3, and many others. By entrusting your valuable projects, you ensure that experienced professionals build the online image you deserve.

Go MOBILE with your Website Today !


Leading provider in custom layout

We build your website  with the highest standards on the market. We will work with you in order to achieve a perfect result. Our designers works with professional tools like Adobe illustrator and Adobe photoshop. When you buy a web site we give you the original work done so you can keep for your archive.

We provide and follow the rules to give you an attractive look and feel of your site. We use clear and simple structure. We make your website easy to use and easy to navigate. We do check browser compatibility. Everything will align perfectly to give professional look and feel.

What we don't do

We don't use flash intro or flash at all. It takes too long to load and soon will be replace by HTML5. We don't touch animation because we believe it's simply no benefit at all. We avoid putting sound or use huge images that will take forever to load and will discourage your online customers.

We do serve customers in all the greater moncton area and all over the web as well.

Locations: moncton, fredericton, saint-john and other locations

Drupal Content Management System Technology


We use a CMS tool (Content Management System) such as Drupal. It is a tool for yourself to manage all the content of your website in a single click.


Drupal Content Management System has a serious advantage among the competition. It has a community of programmers who dedicate their expertise to give us the ability to enjoy a high quality product. They ensure that we are always up to date and guarantee that Drupal is here to stay.With Drupal modules, we can create more complex web interfaces that you can’t even imagine. If you need a specific feature, it is almost certain that Drupal has the module you need. Modules are updated on a constant basis.

Locations: Moncton, Fredericton, Saint-John and many more !

Web Internet Advertising


We use marketing tools for the web such as Facebook, Google ad words, pay per click campaign. We submit the XML file to search engine as Google directly on regular basis.

Unlike what was formed about us in our adolescence, when it comes to the reputation of our companies, we luckily have some say in it. There are many ways to build a company’s reputation, but perhaps the most effective way would be with the use of the World Wide Web. Internet marketing is a broad term which encompasses smaller parts. It uses different strategies to market a product or service online such as:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help get your company found on the Web

  • Content Development that provides people with helpful information they are searching for

  • Calls-to-Action that encourage website visitors to do something on your site, like download a free offer

  • Website design strategies

  • Social Media using sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

  • Link Building

  • Email Marketing 

A small business may use some or all of these internet marketing tools in order to form, understand, even change its own reputation and will do so if it's smart. These tools do more than just sell; they are places to collect the data and ideas which contribute to the overall understanding of what a company is.

Small businesses are always looking to be known and to be on top of their competition. One important way to do this is to truly know your company and to understand it from every angle. In order to do this it is necessary to take a step back and look at it from none other than the customer’s perspective. You can use internet marketing to help do this by:

  • Asking social media followers to answer questions about their experience with your company

  • Researching the questions customers are asking in your industry

  • Using the above information to create helpful content for potential customers searching online

If we are brave enough to ask what people think of us perhaps we are on our way to discovering the answers to what we should be. What does the average Joe think of us and is that what we want? Finding out what the rumors are in order to change or maintain things is part of growing stronger as a company.

Internet Marketing Strategies


We help you plan your web goals by giving you the tips to succeed. We share our expertise to help you grow your website traffic. We take the time to explain you the importance of having a professional website. We listen and understand your needs. We give you the ability to manage your site yourself or let us do it.


You need to understand your objectives and be realistic. A website is your company on the web. Several online users will set their mind about your business when they land on your website. A poor design website will discourage internet customers to do business with you. On the other hand, if the internet shopper gets the “Wow” effect about your website, higher are your chances to do business.